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We are dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with the highest level security for products, packaging, and documents.

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Holographic Film Pattern Samples

samples No.1 samples No.2 samples No.3 samples No.4 samples No.5 samples No.6 samples No.7
samples No.8 samples No.9 samples No.10 samples No.11 samples No.12 samples No.13 samples No.14
samples No.15 samples No.16 samples No.17 samples No.18 samples No.19 samples No.20 samples No.21
samples No.22 samples No.23 samples No.24 samples No.25 samples No.26 samples No.27 samples No.28
samples No.29 samples No.30 samples No.31 samples No.32 samples No.33 samples No.34 samples No.35
samples No.36 samples No.37 samples No.38 samples No.39 samples No.40 samples No.40 samples No.42
samples No.43 samples No.44 samples No.45 samples No.46 samples No.47 samples No.48 samples No.49
samples No.50 samples No.51 samples No.52 samples No.53 samples No.54 samples No.55 samples No.56
samples No.57 samples No.58 samples No.59 samples No.60 samples No.61 samples No.62 samples No.63
samples No.64 samples No.65 samples No.66 samples No.67 samples No.68 samples No.69 samples No.70
samples No.71 samples No.72 samples No.73 samples No.74 samples No.75 samples No.76 samples No.77
samples No.78 samples No.79 samples No.80 samples No.81 samples No.82 samples No.83 samples No.84
samples No.85 samples No.86 samples No.87 samples No.88 samples No.89 samples No.90 samples No.91
samples No.92 samples No.93 samples No.94 samples No.95 samples No.96 samples No.97 samples No.98
samples No.99 samples No.100 samples No.101 samples No.102 samples No.103 samples No.104 samples No.105



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