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We are dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with the highest level security for products, packaging, and documents.

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We supply all kinds of Hologram master origination. Its size is from 160mm*160mm up to 1200mm*600mm.

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Dot-matrix master, two layers, two color in forground, two color in background.

We supply Holography Machinery to produce holograms from hologram master shooting to die-cutting, includes hologram master shooting system (2D/3D master and Dot-matrix master), recombination machine, electronic forming machine, hologram embosser, laminator and die-cutting machine. We offer best hologram techniques transfer and training.

We also produce holographic Labels, holographic film, hologram hot stamping, hologram tape, hologram badge, security hologram ID card, etc. We produce all kinds of security holographic Labels, such as pressure tamper evident holographic Labels, transparent holographic Labels, Holographic Label with running numbers Parttern released Holographic Label Overprinting released Holographic Label General Design Holographic Labels.

Following is information of whole set of Holography Machinerys to produce holographic Label from master origination shooting to final Holographic Label die-cutting. Most machines are also used in producing hologram film and hologram hot stamping foil. We list machines to make holographic Label and hologram film (wide web soft hologram embosser) bellow.

To produce holographic Label step by step
#1. Master origiantion shooting to make master and silvering glass master.
#2. Electronic forming to make operation mater nickel shimstep
#3. Hard embossing to make holographic Label (soft embossing to make holographic film). Tamper evident effect of
      holographic Label comes from embossed metallized film.
#4. Lamination to laminate silicon paper(liner) together with embossed hologram metallized film
#5. Die-cutting can be automatic die-cutting and munual die-cutting

List of Hologram Making Machines
#1. 2D/3D Hologram Master Shooting System
#2. Dot-matrix Hologram Master Shoooting System
#3. Hologram Master Recombination Machine(for dot-matrix master)
#4. Electronic Forming Machine
#5. Old mode of hard hologram embosser
#6. New mode of hard hologram embosser which can emboss precisely
#7. Wide Web Soft Hologram Embosser
#8. Coating & laminator
#9. Holographic Label Automatic Die-cutting Machine
#10. Manul Punching Machine


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Holographic Labels made in China. Chinese Secure Holographic Label

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